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Thanks for stopping by my philatelic page!  I hope to have many great links and resources listed here for you philatelists. You'll find my collecting interests listed below, while you can find my wife's stamp interests at Robin's stamp page. We'll have want lists and pictures posted here (eventually), along with many philatelic links, so remember to check back frequently.  Enjoy!

My Philatelic Memberships

Philatelic Society
APS # 116705
Philatelic Society
GPS # 6864
Member since 1986
Atlanta Stamp Collectors Club

These are the countries and areas I collect:

Germany and all German-related areas (up through 1960)

German States Third Reich
German Post Offices Abroad German Colonies
German Occupation Areas Danzig/Memel/Saar
Bohemia & Moravia Polish General Government
Military Post Official Propaganda Issues
Allied Zones Berlin
East & West Germany (DDR/GDR) Hand Overprints
Forgeries/Fakes/Cinderellas Locals

Germany-related Philatelic links:
Stamps of Germany (in German) (in English)         Michel Stamp Catalogue Publisher
Chris Ozdoba's German States info page


United States  Back-of-the-Book & Misc.

Airmail Special Delivery Postage Due
Registration Certified Mail Offices Overseas
Officials Newspaper Stamps Postal Notes
Parcel Post Special Handling Carriers' Stamps
Locals Telegraph Sanitary Fair
Revenues Proprietary Future Delivery
Stock Transfer Wine Tax Beer Stamps
Playing Cards Stamps Silver Tax Cigarette Tubes Stamps
Potato Tax Tobacco Sale Tax Narcotic Tax
Consular Service Fee Customs Fee Private Die Proprietary
Private Die Perfumery Private Die Playing Card Motor Vehicle Use
Boating Firearms Transfer Tax Rectification Tax
Specimens Postal Savings War Savings
  Treasury Savings  

That's quite a list, isn't it?!  It very interesting stuff when compared to the regular issues!

Russia (up through 1980)
(It's amazing how many stamps these guys produced!)

I'll have more info here as time permits...

Turkey (up through 1980)
(Anyone else have a hard time distinguishing between all those early issues?!  They're darned near identical!)

I'll have more info here as time permits...

 Here are some links to keep you surfin':

American Philatelic Society Joseph Luft's homepage
Publisher of the Michel Stamp Catalogues Stamp Universe
Linn's Stamp News On-Line Linn's Stamp News - Home Page
Philately.Com CollectorWeb
Philatelists Online Chuck Hendricksen's Philatelic World
Philatelic.Com AuctionWeb
Books on Philately Dixie Stamp Circuit - Stan Field

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