Jim & Robin's Shelties!

After a long hard search (2 years!), we finally found the sheltie we were looking for...a beautiful gray colored sheltie! We named him "INDY" because we got him on Independence Day weekend!  He's mostly gray with four white paws and a little bit of black.

Here he was when we got him...he was 10 weeks old and weighed 6 pounds - and soooo cute!!!
Indy on adoption day!What a sweetie...!

The day we picked him up from the breeder!

These next pictures were taken about a month later when he weighed about 10 pounds:
Now that's cute!What are you doing with that camera?Why did you shave off all your fur, Mommy?

Isn't he cute?!?
Sleepy time...
Dog tired!

Now, he's 14 months old and about 30 pounds and really beautiful!
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